New York, NY

SCENE: Jeanette is walking through park mid-afternoon on a sunny day.

FRANK: Hey gorgeous how you doin today? (walking alongside Jeanette)

JEANETTE: (uncomfortable); Hi. I’m good, thanks

FRANK: Can you help a guy out?  See i’m trying to get to my sister.  She sick and she live in Harlem. I told her I’d go there and visit but I need a couple dollars for the train

JEANETTE: Sorry man, I don’t have any change

FRANK:  I just need a couple bucks.

JEANETTE: (over-apologetic) I can’t help you i’m sorry

FRANK: You ever heard of Jesus? Jesus helped the poor.

JEANETTE: (Sarcastically) Don’t get me started on him.  

FRANK: You don’t love Jesus? You better watch out, you goin’ straight to hell.

JEANETTE: And why would you believe in the lord? What has he ever done for you? You don’t even have enough money to go see your ‘sick sister’ (uses air quotes)

FRANK: My sister sick. And she might be dying.  But at least she know she headed for heaven. Better than you can say. And, the Lord brought me to you! You real pretty.

JEANETTE: Well thanks. And sorry about your sister.

FRANK: God bless you. Where you goin’ in such a hurry? You work a job?

JEANETTE: Yea, I work at the ACLU, you know about them?

FRANK: The lawyers?


FRANK: That’s good, good for you, you a lawyer! You real pretty for a lawyer.

JEANETTE: I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but I guess thanks? Maybe you should consider your expectations of what a lawyer looks like.

FRANK: Oh, OH! You got them big words.  PUT ME ON THE WITNESS STAND, Oh Lawd! (feigns fright)

JEANETTE: (genuinely laughing) Haha. Sorry sorry.

FRANK: (kindly) Don’t be sorry, gorgeous! You just fine, i’m jus playin’.

JEANETTE: So what kind of illness does your sister have?

FRANK:: She got cancer. And she got three little boys too.

JEANETTE:  Oh wow, I’m sorry. That’s really hard.  Is she getting Medicaid benefits?

FRANK: Naw naw, I don’t know ‘bout all that. We prayin’ for her.

JEANETTE: I’m sure there’s a program that could help with her medical costs.

FRANK: I got a program that can help you find the lord! HA HA! First teaching of Jesus is ‘give to those in need’. Like me. Now, you don’t have a couple quarters ?

JEANETTE:  I’m sorry man, I just don’t have change today. Maybe I could buy you a sandwich

FRANK:: A sandwich? That ain’t gonna get me to Harlem.

JEANETTE: Well, sorry then.

FRANK: So what, you don’t like black people?

JEANETTE: What? No, of course not, of course I do!

FRANK: White folks is all the same.  Always got to keep the black folks down

JEANETTE: Your race has nothing to do with me not giving you money!

FRANK:  What is it then?

JEANETTE: You know what, you’re right. White folks have kept the black folks down.

FRANK: Like I said.

JEANETTE: You know what, here’s two dollars. I’ve really have to go now.